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Louange Creations is a company founded in 2008 by Carole-Anne Boisseau,
specialized in consulting and project monitoring in the field of Fashion, Design, Gastronomy, Photography…

This company's mission is to present and to magnify artistic expression in all its forms.

Carole-Anne Boisseau was born in 1974 in Paris, France.

She has collaborated with many artists for whom she has initiated and coordinated
the complete design and production of high quality illustrated books.

Her various collaborations are an expression of a true reflection on the integration of activities
related to different lifestyles in the urban fabric.

She has been working with the publishing industry for many years. She started her career in public relations
and was involved in numerous book launches like those of Yves Saint Laurent, and Patrick Poivre D'Arvor…

In 2007 Carole-Anne Boisseau enters into partnership with Dominique Dumand in
"Aden Arabie Atelier", an editorial packaging company, which initiates and coordinates the complete production
of illustrated books with major publishers. Her expertise meets publishers' orders, among them Glénat Publishing Company,
for which she designed "Frédéric Anton, Le Pré-Catelan" which was awarded The World Cook Book 2008 prize
or Yannick Alleno's "101 creations".

In 2008, Carole-Anne designed and produced a book on designer and couturier Maurizio Galante,
"Maurizio Galante, Regard Transversal, Haute Couture, Design, Architecture" together with HC éditions publishing company.

In 2012, she co-wrote with Emilie Baltz, a New York photographer, "L.O.V.E Foodbook",
a true art cookbook celebrating the emotion in cooking and honoring 15 chefs and mixologits from around the world.
She organizes the launch of the book in 39V, the parisian restaurant of the star chef Frédéric Vardon.

In 2013, she designed the monograph of the photographer Liliroze "Confidences".

In 2014, she produced a book dedicated to one of the finest wineries in the world :
Château Cheval Blanc, with contributions from artists of different backgrounds such as Erik Orsenna,
Bruno Mantovani, Jeff Leatham, Julien Fournié, François Demachy, Daniel Buren,
as well as several star Chefs like Alain Passard, Claire Heitzler, Jean-Pierre Vigato, the Roca brothers…

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